We need more patience

I believe Dave Ball, along with Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump in the White House and others who feel they are speaking for all Americans, need to be reminded that all major polls show that the majority of Americans actually choose to move patiently, cautiously and with medical assurances toward opening up all businesses and work places in the nation.

All those who participate in the Trump rallies protesting our own and other state governors should first learn to have a little more patience. Patience is sorely lacking in our “I want it now” nation. While we all suffer in many different manners and economic hardships, we have a choice of life or mounting deaths. All we need is more patience and we will get through this. We will sacrifice more at this time, but it will be worth it.

We can wait it out if we will just be patient enough and have medical and scientific assurances that we can safely return to a new normal.

Rev. Joseph Lewandowski (ret.)