In response to Gary Stout's op-ed March 22 on global solutions, I respectfully disagree. While I am not an isolationist, it is clear from the current crisis we need to return manufacturing to this country, which in turn rebuilds the middle class. Too often we are told "what's good for Wall Street is good for Main Street." Now is the opportunity to show how rebuilding Main Street rebuilds this country, much like the greatest generation did after World War II.

Take pharmaceuticals, for instance. As of August 2019, only 28% of the raw ingredients to manufacture prescription drugs were made in this country (FDA, October 2019). What better way to cripple this country than to cut off the prescription medications we depend on? Instead, secure our drug supply chain by increasing manufacturing in this country, which in turn creates local jobs. Yes, your 401K may take a cut, but look at the benefits of well-paying Main Street jobs versus inflated corporate profits.

This is only one sector. Watch the next several months when we discuss shortages in the marketplace to see the effect of globalization, then consider if the lowest price at Walmart/Amazon/etc. is worth it, or is it time to consider restoring manufacturing and the American middle class?

Erich Cushey