After much thought, here is my opinion about building a "wall" between the United States and Mexico: We already have one. It's called U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and we have hundreds of miles of fences and walls on our southern border.

And, instead of wasting money on an ugly and useless physical wall that would harm American ranchers and farmers and destroy their property values, using GPS would be better. An invisible wall.

And we keep hearing those on the right blaming Mexico for various problems, but Mexico doesn't care whether a wall is built or not. It isn't Mexicans who are trying to enter the United States illegally, it is people from Central America.

Mexican citizens cross back and forth across the border every day. My uncle and aunt are Mexican citizens. My aunt has dual citizenship, and is also an American citizen. The people in Mexico don't want to permanently leave Mexico and the Mexican government is now deporting people at their southern border. What more can Trump ask for?

I have several Mexican citizens on my friends list on Facebook and they tell me, "Por que demonios querria estar en Estados Unidos cuando Trump es presidente?" ("Why the hell would I want to be in America when Trump is president?")

John S. Bradburn