I'd like to proffer differences between President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump in a few areas:

Pressers and briefings: Trump knew the names of anyone he addressed or referred to. Biden doesn't remember the names of many, governors or heads of state, i.e. the prime minister of Australia a few days ago, or even people in front of him. Trump answered any and all questions. Biden says he's been given a list of reporters allowed to ask questions. Allowed by whom? And this commander in chief says he doesn't want to get in trouble with the staff! And don't ask Biden any questions ad lib, as he turns face and shuffles off the podium. The Democratic Party should be brought up on charges of elder abuse.

The border: Trump was building a wall and vetted all who tried to cross. Biden stopped the wall and allows hundreds of thousands, vaccinated or not, good intentions or bad, to come on in.

Afghanistan: The exit was wanted, but it was the how. Trump, like every other president, would have made sure all of our people would evacuate first, then get all of our equipment out and then have our troops leave last. But during this helter-skelter debacle, Biden has given billions of dollars of our weapons to the enemy and left countless people behind in dangerous hands, fearing for their lives. And now we have 13 families forever grieving and an Afghan family with seven children killed. Our allies can't trust us and our adversaries know we are weak. Biden says he takes responsibility, but what does that entail? When one is responsible for murder, a rape, a robbery or any crime, there is a price to pay. What happens with this? Any firings, any resignations, any mention of impeachment?

Now that Biden has given ISIS and Al Qaeda all of these arms they didn't have before, he can tell them it's all part of his Build Back Better plan. By strengthening them, now our own men and women can be killed by our own Blackhawks.

War: When Trump was president, there was worry he would get us engaged in more war. It didn't happen. Now with Biden, since there is no one monitoring the enemy, keep your eyes glued to the skies!

Robert BonAnno