I read Pam Morosky's theory (May 21 letter to the editor) that President Trump's tax returns are his own business.

If he were not the president that would be true. However, he is directing tax cuts, tariffs, moving money from the account to which it was designated by Congress to an account he wants to use, negotiations with foreign leaders, etc. While campaigning and even after elected he said he would release them when the audit was completed. Why has he not complied with his own promise?

The six bankruptcies in which he was involved covered a period from 1991 to 2009. He took risks that did not pan out so he declared bankruptcies. Did he learn anything from what happened in 1991 to what happened in 2009? Trump does not deny the bankruptcies but claims it was a good business move (not so much for his creditors). Will the U.S. declare bankruptcy under Trump? I hear farms claim they will have to.

Judith Cook