Oren Spiegler likes to beat up President Trump (May 12, letter to the editor). What is it any of his business what Donald Trump lost in dealings (mostly at casinos he owned) or if his father gave him the money?

It’s his money, not ours. And yes, I will vote for him again. All the Democratic presidential contenders want to do is promise people free education, free health care, free everything. How are they going to pay for these things? It’s all a bunch of garbage.

Sounds to me like Oren Spiegler may be jealous that Trump has so much money. I also resent him decrying Trump’s supporters. You see how far that got Hillary Clinton.

There isn’t a Democratic candidate who should be president. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are beyond being president. Biden acts as if he can’t keep track of what he wants to say, and Sanders wants to give away everything for free.

The Democrats need to worry about the immigration problems, Social Security, Medicare and other subjects of a critical nature and quit trying to take down the president.

Pam Morosky