In response to Lucy Northrop Corwin's June 8 letter: Who really cares if she voted for Donald Trump? There are a lot of people probably more educated than she who voted for him and will do so again in November. 

I was a Democrat all of my life and changed political party affiliation to Republican in 2016. I voted for Trump and will do again. I'm sick of people call us "deplorables" (Hillary Clinton); "not worth anything" (Joe Biden). Vote for Biden and see what will become of the country in four years. The economy will sink; the jobs will disappear, and the police departments will be disbanded. Who will protect you then?

We have the right to vote for whomever we want. And my choice is Trump, and I could care less who likes it. It's time for the country to quit trying to get rid of the president and get down to business. The Democratic Congress has wasted three years of taxpayers' money trying to impeach him. How well did that go?

Trump had 93% of the vote in Pennsylvania's spring primary, and Biden had 78%. Guess there are a lot of us deplorables in Pennsylvania. The polls say Biden is leading. Who do they poll? Democrats?

Pam Morosky