It's time to tell the truth and not the lies being spewed by the liberals and the media.

Over the decades, numerous new gun laws have been passed, having little to no effect on shootings. Passing even more laws will accomplish more of the same.

Guns are not what kills people; the person holding the gun does the killing.

Another lie is that the shooters buy their guns at gun shows where they don't undergo background checks. All gun purchasers at gun shows undergo background checks.

But the biggest lie being spewed is that we have to get the assault weapons off the streets. There are no assault weapons on the streets. Assault weapons are only possessed by the military and the police. No private citizen can walk into any gun store and buy an assault weapon.

The only mass shootings committed by people using assault weapons were committed by the military of foreign countries, against the people fighting socialism or communism. No mass shootings in this country were committed by assault weapons, yet that is all you hear from the media and liberals.

Clyde Brautigam