It's been so long in coming that our dictatorial governor has finally decided to lift nearly all COVID-19 mandates at the end of May. But it did not happen soon enough to save many small businesses, and the loss of jobs has been disastrous.

It is also idiotic to continue a mask mandate until we reach a 70% vaccination rate. Vaccination does not equal immunity! This is a fallacy that needs to be illuminated. Thousands of people have had COVID and now have stronger immunity than those who get vaccinated (according to numerous published studies). The governor should be making sure that our most medically fragile and comorbid residents seriously consider the vaccine, not healthy individuals who have already recovered. The long-term effects of the new vaccines have not been studied sufficiently to push the vaccine to younger people, particularly children (which is coming).

I would ask that the COVID-19 task force recognize those who have recovered from COVID as part of the "70%" needed to lift the unnecessary mask mandate. It's time to really follow ALL the science, not just handpick what suits the governor.

Brian Day