I go to the store, everything costs more.

I get in the car, I don’t drive far.

I turn down the heat, now I have cold feet.

I turn off the light, now its always like night.

Taxes go up like a rocket, it hits us in the pocket.

They watch our bank account, and keep track of the amount.

They want to take away our parenting roles, and reshape the lives of our little souls.

The lines above are not meant to amuse, the lines above are for you to peruse.

I write because the above lines of true facts affect us all and how our economic situation has drastically changed this year. Government control is creeping into our lives at an alarming rate. They are taking so much from us.

This is the real picture for everyone to see – true facts and figures that affect every single one of us. Think about this.

Virginia A. Trois