In 2018, there were 14,703 gun deaths (not including about 22,000 suicides), 28,170 injuries, 3,495 children and teenagers were killed or injured, and 340 deaths due to mass shootings. Gun violence costs the economy at least $229 billion a year, including $8.6 billion for emergency and medical care.

Yet most Republicans are against common-sense gun reform, which would protect Americans. According to Republicans, the biggest threat that Americans need to be protected from is an invasion from Mexico, and a wall is imperative to keep Mexicans and South Americans from immigrating to the United States.

Even though 58 percent of the population opposes the wall and only 40 percent are in favor, Republicans are insistent on it for the protection of Americans.

Perhaps the Republicans should have protected the 800,000 Americans who were held hostage over funding for the wall. Many of those federal workers were unable to pay their bills or buy food for themselves and their children.

Republicans are dedicated to protecting unborn babies, but are against social programs that promote the health of those young Americans after they are born. They are committed to removing environmental regulations and care not to protect Americans against scientifically proven climate change.

Those who serve in the military are thrown into turmoil by a commander-in-chief who uses social media to dictate policy without consulting leaders on the ground, placing them and their troops in danger. Republicans express no concern for protecting those American heroes.

Republicans want Americans to fear an invasion from Mexico above all else; however, the number of illegal crossings is close to a 20-year low. They claim a wall will stop drug flow. In fact, the Drug Enforcement Administration reports that almost all narcotics come through airports, land ports and seaports.

Republicans insist that they want to protect Americans with a wall. In reality, they are obsessed with building a wall to satisfy President Trump’s campaign promise to his base: “Who’s going to pay for the wall? Mexico!” Well, never mind that part. Meanwhile, the actual concerns of the majority of Americans are dismissed. The majority of Americans realize that an invasion from Mexico is not a national emergency and that it is absurd to suggest that the Democratic Party wants open borders. Republicans lost the majority in Congress in the midterms for a reason.

Sharon Laffey

Democratic committeewoman, Buffalo Township, and 

Washington County Democratic Committee recording secretary