Stout op-ed spot on

In regard to Gary Stout’s op-ed of Feb. 2, AMEN!

It is clear that many who otherwise find Donald Trump’s moral destitute repulsive tolerate it for what they perceive as the gain of the imposition of their view of morality and God’s will on the rest of American society. As others have written, they justify their tolerance of his behavior as God using an imperfect vessel to provide cleansing.

If one subscribes to this biblical rationalization of Trump’s behavior, as Trump’s three major advisers – as highlighted by Stout’s fine essay – obviously do, then they are more likely mistaking the anti-Christ for a savior.

The United States democracy is based on never-ending compromise. As such, as has been frequently noted through its history, it is and never will be perfect.

The imposition of one group’s beliefs on the majority who believe otherwise will lead either to the end of American democracy – as we appear to be witnessing at present – or short-term changes which will trigger a severe backlash in another direction.

I do not believe the majority of good, decent citizens of the U.S. desire either. J.P. Curran is quoted as stating: “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.”

With the alarm now sounded by Stout of the attempt of a powerful, well-organized, sectarian group to impose its will – which it has been unable to gain at the ballot box over decades – on the majority, it is incumbent on the rest of us to work to prevent the current attempt to overthrow democracy.

Geoffrey Ruben