Stop blaming guns; hold people accountable

I’m writing in response to the editorials and articles concerning gun control.

Predictably, we hear the same tired call to ban firearms. Again, citizens are expected to give up essential liberty for temporary safety. Never anything to address why we’ve gotten to where we are. Additionally, how many times has government failed to take proper action on tips or disseminate information properly before these murders occurred?

We’ve closed mental facilities, abandoned the traditional family, made excessive plea deals, taken God out of society, done nothing substantial about bullying in schools, taught children “everyone’s a winner,” over-medicated our youth, and prosecuted good parents over how they disciplined their children, to name some real reasons.

Nor is it helpful that media plasters the cowards’ faces and names all over their pages and screens for months. You can’t tell me it doesn’t encourage the next one to go for their 15 minutes of fame. We’re now reaping what we’ve sown for the last three to four decades.

One should educate himself before advocating the elimination of firearms, accessories, or people’s right to own them. “Assault weapon” and “high capacity magazine” are misnomers created by the anti’s to scare up support from those ignorant about firearms. The AR’s and AK’s that are sold to today’s public are semi-automatic only, and legal to hunt with in a number of states. They are not “weapons of war” nor machine guns.

It’s time to stop trampling the rights of honest, law-abiding citizens in the name of “combatting crime” or “doing something.” We’ve had these same weapons for decades, yet now they’re the problem? Stop blaming inanimate objects and hold people accountable for their actions for a change.

Deny Walk