Calvin Seibel's April 1 letter correctly laid the blame for Washington County's litter problem on the ignorant slobs who throw trash out their car windows. But then somehow he made it a partisan problem by decrying the "typical liberal fashion" of a previous writer who apparently proposed a solution without properly assigning the blame first. In this way he demonstrated the "typical conservative fashion" of complaining about a possible solution to a problem without proposing any solution of his own.

Mr. Seibel, we agree that the real problem is "trashy people"; now can we come up with a non-partisan way to address this issue? Should we increase enforcement of existing littering laws, and then sentence those convicted to cleaning up the roads? Should we have a campaign to ask people to take personal responsibility for their own trash and not inflict it on the public? Should we set up more trash receptacles to make it easier to throw out your own trash? Should we enlist volunteer crews of civic-minded citizens to clean up the trash that is already on our roads? Maybe we should use all these approaches to address this lingering eyesore.

Or is it more satisfying to complain about the problem, complain about the solutions proposed, and then do nothing?

John Bogaard