In response to Lawrence Nader's letter to the editor of March 22, like all of us, has freedom of speech. However, don’t waste that freedom with a letter bashing our president. This man, through no fault of his own, was hit with a problem that none of us could have imagined. He is handling this situation with the very best people that he could find, and these people are trying to do everything in their power to help us and keep us all safe. They have all been working nonstop in our best interests and it is time for us all to be positive and to thank them and all the health care workers who are putting their own safety on the line for us.

At a time like this, put politics aside and try to remember that we are all in this together and our president has the best interest of all Americans. I am grateful and thankful for Donald J. Trump. May God bless him, and may God bless the United States of America.

Virginia A. Trois