We need to realize why someone like Donald Trump gets elected. To me, it's simple: Americans are tired of career politicians running our country by their personal agendas. This country needs to be run on our agenda, the American people. That is why we need to continue electing Americans, and not Republicans or Democrats.

That's who I consider Trump to be, and that is why I voted for him. I think it's time to clean house and get rid of career politicians. How do we do that? If you have been an elected official in Washington D.C., senator or congressman longer than eight years, this is your last year. We need people to continue to be constructive in the way we take care of Americans and not their own pocketbooks. Our president's term is limited, so why not everyone else?

We need term limits to turn this country in the right direction. Scrap the Republican, Democrat logic, and vote American, Donald Trump, in 2020. 

Scott Henson