Southern border not only security risk

I lived in Jupiter, Fla., in the northern part of Palm Beach County (not too far from Mar-A-Lago, Donald Trump’s National Golf Club) for nearly 20 years. I walked along the Atlantic Ocean beach almost every morning and occasionally saw large packages deposited there at night, presumably by drug traffickers who left them for associates to pick up and distribute. The Coast Guard and/or police would remove them as soon as they were spotted, of course. Helicopters scanned the coast frequently for such contraband as well as for boatloads of desperate immigrants trying to reach America’s shore. The Palm Beach Post{/em} reported when drugs and illegal immigrants were found and dealt with. But most likely there were many drugs and immigrants not found. So why is Trump not advocating for a multibillion-dollar wall to be built along the Atlantic Coast in front of Mar-A-Lago? What? And ruin his access and view?

The southern border is not the only way drugs and illegals get into this country, as has been reported over and over again by the news media. Our border guards and Coast Guard are doing the best they can, and now they are not being paid. What kind of security is this?

Mary Lou Burger