Solar is Pennsylvania’s new energy future

Our energy system is changing faster than you may think. The U.S. Department of Energy recently projected that three-quarters of new electric generation built this year will be renewable and almost half of that will be solar. Will Pennsylvania embrace these changes and reap the benefits? Or will we watch the renewable energy economy – and its rapidly multiplying jobs – leave us behind?

In Indiana County, we’re ready to lead the way into a new energy future and we’re inviting the rest of Pennsylvania to join us. We believe that Pennsylvania – and especially rural and small-town Pennsylvania – can drive this change.

This is why Indiana County is proud to host the 2020 Pennsylvania Solar Congress with Solar United Neighbors on Saturday, Feb. 15. We’re bringing together solar supporters from across the commonwealth to build a new energy future that provides affordable electricity, creates jobs, offers new income sources to farmers, and protects our air and water.

We’ve already gotten a head start on this in Indiana County. Last year, the Indiana County Sustainable Economic Development Task Force partnered with Solar United Neighbors on the Indiana County Solar Co-op, which increased the number of solar installations in the county by almost 70%. In the process, Indiana Borough became the first Pennsylvania community outside of the southeast to earn the SolSmart Silver designation, indicating that they are open for solar business.

Join us at the Solar Congress to hear Indiana County’s solar story and learn how you can bring some sunshine to your own community. Visit solarunitedneighbors.org/pasolarcongress for more information.

Sherene Hess

Indiana County commissioner

Peter Broad

Indiana Borough Council President