Oh, the zany world of politics: it never ceases to amaze!

Republican State Rep. Bud Cook decries alleged partisanship on the part of esteemed, respected former University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Mark Nordenberg, who chairs the Legislative Reapportionment Commission. Cook is angry that a proposed map for future elections may place him in a battle to retain his seat with Greene County's Democratic Rep. Pam Snyder, making his path to continue to hold power more challenging.

It should be prominently noted that Cook was one of 26 dishonorable, anti-democracy members of the state Republican delegation who sought to decertify the electors in the 2020 general election, to hijack the votes of millions of Pennsylvanians with the goal of fraudulently anointing Donald Trump as the winner in Pennsylvania.

As President Biden forcefully and appropriately said on the first anniversary of the Trump Capitol insurrection, "You can't love our country only when you win. You can't obey the law only when it is convenient."

Shame on Cook and other dangerous elected officials of his ilk who serve within a democracy in which they do not believe. 

Oren Spiegler
Peters Township