Is there a chance that opinion page contributor Oren Spiegler, might be afforded less space? His contributions are so often that it seems he works for the Observer-Reporter!

I'd like to set the record straight with his consistently inaccurate comments about the current administration. The fact is that the economy is booming and benefiting all workers from the lowest to highest wage earners, according to the Department of Labor. His trade policies have been criticized vehemently, but the USMCA will be signed shortly and will have dramatic and positive effects. This is critically significant, especially since it will be signed during a time when Congress would rather focus on a straw man case of impeachment.

Despite these and many other significant accomplishments, Spiegler and others would rather focus on the negative and destructive. But I do agree with Spiegler in one instance: The current Democrat candidates are the best reason Trump is likely to be reelected in 2020.

Brian Day


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