Problem solver or complainer?

In response to state Rep. Tim O’Neal’s May 18 op-ed, I’d first like to say I truly appreciate your service to our country. I also admire your desire to be part of our Legislature. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, “If you’re not part of the solution, then you are just part of the problem.” Nowhere in his opinion does he offer a solution to the coronavirus crisis. Rather than a crisis being an opportunity to seize authority, it appears it offers to offer a freedom to criticize.

These are difficult times that require difficult decisions. I may not agree with every decision the governor has made, but I certainly appreciate the difficulty of the position in which he finds himself.

To Rep. O’Neal and the many others who are quick to criticize I ask: When would you have restricted activity? Which activities would you exempt? How openly should we socialize now? What is your plan if there is an increase in cases? How many deaths are acceptable?

Rep. O’Neal, when the army asked you to engage in a conflict did you stop to question the legitimacy of the request or support your commander who had difficult decisions to make? Rather than going to battle against the governor, how about providing a solution and be prepared for the consequences of your decisions. And, of course, the criticism.

Brian Pendergast