In response to Pam Morosky's letter (May 21), anyone who lives in a "true democracy" knows that a leader of a country should be forthright and honest with how he earns his living and what taxes he has paid. When a person, especially a public figure, will not reveal his finances it obviously means he has something to hide.

Sadly, we are living in times where truth and democracy are being destroyed and corruption is becoming acceptable. Donald Trump has done nothing for the working man, and his tariffs are hurting farmers as well as his popular denial of climate change. All he cares about is the money he can make from the people he can fool. I can only imagine what the founders of our country would think and how Abraham Lincoln would respond.

We have allowed this "president" to divide the people of our country by appealing to their hatred and bigotries and creating fear while he rakes up financial reward and idolatry. I never thought people would be blind enough to allow things that were prophesied to occur, but I was wrong. As I watch women's rights once again be compromised, our national monuments endangered and the threat of war with major countries looming I fear we are beyond hope. But then a building must be destroyed before it can be rebuilt.

You go ahead and vote for what you call a "president" and dig this country deeper into total despair. Maybe after this mess, a new world will arise where people will love the earth and each other, and this will all be remembered as the biggest nightmare this country has ever endured.

Anita Biers