I like to think I’m news savvy, but I’m dumbfounded by the recent actions of Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey Vaughan and Larry Maggi in calling for a Government Study Commission in the county. Exactly when did this become an issue on the voter’s mind? I have been active in the community for years and have not heard a single person raise the issue or say that we should mirror Allegheny County’s Home Rule government.

It appears Irey Vaughan and Maggi are the only ones calling for this study. I understand Washington County has looked at home rule twice before and it failed both times. Why do we want to commit further time, resources, and money to go down this road again?

Who in this county sees anything in Allegheny County’s form of government they would rather have here? It is taxed higher, inefficient, and is led by a single person, the county executive. We do not need the likes of Allegheny County  Executive Rich Fitzgerald to be a dictator in Washington County.

I implore all my other “news junkies” to read about this issue and discover what a bad idea it is for our county. In addition, we must ask why Irey Vaughan and Maggi are pushing this issue.

I will be opposing the Government Study Commission referendum on Nov. 2. I ask readers to do the same.

Jack Jones