So here we sit with parties blue and red,

Each one calling the other brain dead.

If it comes from a blue, the reds says it’s evil,

if it comes from a red, the blues cite the devil.

Why, you ask, can’t the two find a better way into its?

One might recommend a thought of constituents.

I’m tired of hearing, “We’re always right, they’re always wrong.”

We all know the lyrics of that sad, tired song,

yet we find it too easy to just go along.

To all you politicos of which ever hue,

I’m sick of you.

I know lots of folks who never vote an incumbent,

Saying, “Send them all home and make them recumbent.”

If you are an “in” who feels party, not people, prevails,

I’m ever so happy to support your opponents travails.

Stanley Myers