Although I have very strong views that we need a more secure border and more ICE agents to patrol it, and that those entering illegally are not "undocumented immigrants," as liberals call them, but are illegal aliens, I place DACA in a different category.

These are people who came here as children. They did not knowingly break any laws. They know only one homeland, one country and it's the United States. Most of them know only one language, English. Most know American history better than the right-wing Americans who want to deport them.

Since Congress is useless and does nothing except collect big salaries, President Barack Obama had no choice but to come up with the DACA program by executive order. He begged Congress to act but instead members sat on their hands.

How dare Donald Trump want to repeal DACA when he offers nothing to replace it? What kind of monster would even think of deporting these people to a country they know nothing about? I would remind the president that his own mother and wife were not born in this country, either.

Now, he is angry that the U.S. Supreme Court rebuffed his attempt to repeal DACA with two conservative justices going against him, including one he put there. Trump is also angry that the Supreme Court voted that gay people are protected from discrimination as well. Now he's busy trying to figure ways to undo those decisions, to hurt people who don't deserve to be hurt and to deny them their rights.

It's a sad day for America when an American president favors denying people equality and fairness and thinks that's how to make America great.

John Bradburn