Wendy Bell's “Savoring all the sweet stuff” op-ed published in the June 15 Observer-Reporter attacked every sense of logic and fairness, and made no sense whatsoever. This was the second and the last of her “Karen” diatribes I shall waste my time reading.

Bell revels in the sweet smell of success as she blindly looks down her nose from her ivory radio tower, with her let-them-eat-cake attitude. She claims not to know “anyone who wakes up in the morning planning to prevent another human being from succeeding.” She also claims that children who are “masters of excuses” grow up to become unaccountable adults who blame the system, society, companies, and discriminating laws.

Not so, Wendy. Read the wee morning tweets of a person who cruelly shames and blames others, and denies any accountability for 117,000 deaths, a failed economy and failed foreign policies. The opinionated ramblings of a local celebrity should have no place in credible print. To have credibility, one must first investigate, then cite data and facts and not haughtily pass judgment on others.

I suggest Bell ask if the system is not to blame, then why does a college educated person of color earn less than a white person with a high school degree? And for that matter, why does a female of any color typically earn less than a male? Her analogy of a carpenter blaming shoddy work on his tools implies all carpenters have the best of tools. A certain Nazarene carpenter may find such attitudes sorrowful and not of his teachings. Some tools, such as the best prenatal and early childhood health care, nutrition, and education, are often not available nor affordable to everyone. Sometimes these tools are afforded not to the best carpenters, but to the wealthiest of carpenters.

Judy Kramer