More should be done to prevent deadly fires

Tragically, two of the most deadly apartment and housing fires in their cities’ history occurred recently in Philadelphia and New York City. Truth be told, this should not have happened to the (31) poor men, women and children who died in these fires or the many untold people who died and were seriously injured in other fires. They should have been shown more love where they live, work, learn, play and sleep.

Yes, these fires will be blamed on faulty space heaters, fire doors that were left open, smoke detectors that didn’t work and other reasons as reported by the news, but c’mon, man, this is 2022. Should this be happening in the USA, too?

News flash: there are lithium battery 10-year tamper-proof smoke and carbon monoxide detectors/alarms. This is not new technology; it has been around for decades. This is a proactive and preventive way to stop all people from removing the batteries, from forgetting to replace the batteries and from using these detectors and alarms improperly – provided they are installed properly by responsible people. Also, space heaters need to be used properly, if needed. They need to be in good repair, and space heater instructions need to be followed. Extension cords should never be used with a space heater.

Then, with all the fire safety instructions, proper or professional fire safety inspections and drills need to be provided and maintained to help ensure everyone’s safety. Fire safety doors should be equipped with alarms to prevent the doors from being left open. Safe exits need to be provided, clearly identified and clearly maintained.

Clearly, much more needs to be done for the needy and everybody. Maybe, the city officials and business leaders should pay more attention to the health, safety and lives of others, and who knows? This may help them pay for their own bottom lines, too.

Finally, did you know that there are zero deaths by fires in schools? This is because the fire detection systems work and nobody should be sleeping on the job.

Truth be told, this should be the case with radon testing since radon causes over 21,000 deaths each year, carbon monoxide detection for poisoning that can quickly kill over 430 people each year, and lead testing due to over 400,000 deaths each year from lead exposure.

This is both a business plan and a battle plan to help protect everyone, especially our children. As Teddy Roosevelt is believed to have said, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Dennis Smiddle

Founder, executive director of FANS 4 HELP