Momentum builds for revolution for decency

A few years ago I wrote a letter to the editor setting the expiration date for Donald J. Trump’s presidency at 2018, but the Republican Congress failed to act on lawlessness and corruption habitual from the first day. Abuse of Republican competitors in the 2016 primary led to abuse of office, with most of Trump’s campaign officials behind bars and those closest to him in the Cabinet, including Vice President Mike Pence, criminal conspirators. The president had Senators Susan Collins and Mitt Romney over for lunch recently, but it may not help when it’s time to vote on numerous articles of impeachment.

  • Ukrainians had a revolution for decency that brought to power a reform president with 80% backing in their new parliament, a man who will launch an investigation in Joe Biden and “who loves your a,” E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland was overheard informing Trump. President Volodymyr Zelensky feels compelled to show affection for Trump’s backside, as do Republican politicians and Fox News, but for their fans, Trump’s base, the under-educated he professes to love, their love for him is unconditional. Candidate Trump bragged he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue without losing their support, but if say 10% of them join the majority already in favor of a revolution for decency in the United States, a people’s federal government would replace the current one dominated by capitalists and their stooges in the Democratic and Republican parties.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is leading our nation’s revolution for decency and claims to have won the Nov. 20 debate between Democrats in Atlanta because his opponents are championing most of his issues. Medicare for all has the most opposition, even though every other advanced nation has it and it costs half as much. Sanders said half a million families declare bankruptcy over medical expenses annually, an indecency universal health care would end. He also said there were four million contributions to his campaign averaging $18 in the last quarter, not good news for Wall Street. Former Republican billionaire Michael Bloomberg has entered the Democratic primary race. His and money from the pharmaceutical, fossil fuel, and insurance industries for advertising on the networks influences their political coverage, but as the field shrinks and supporters of rivals choose new candidates to back, momentum for the American revolution for decency will be hard to resist or ignore.

Jim Greenwood

Belle Vernon