Recently we have had minor flooding on local streams that flow into the North Branch of Ten Mile Creek. Landowners above the Marianna dam have complained about their yards and fields being flooded due to the dam. Dams slow the flow of water and as a result water levels rise. This is obvious to those of us living next to the creek and seeing it firsthand.

There is no reason whatsoever why there is an unnecessary holdup in removing the dam, when the creek could have been restored to its normal floodplain years ago. The dam causes erosion, as well as it holds back silt and nutrients, and debris is known to get hung up.

The agreement American Rivers has with Marianna Borough expires at the end of this year. To my understanding, the agreement can be extended or renewed by both parties. In late 2019 a new majority on council voted to rescind the borough's old agreement with American Rivers to remove the old dam. There was nothing that justified this action in my opinion, especially since the dam was dropped of insurance coverage in spring 2019. This created an entirely new issue when it comes to liability. I won't bother to go on about what was already lost in the way of a new recreational area, but more so a restoration of a creek that has long been battered by industry for over a century.

It is important to recognize the importance of wild places, and the damaging effects this dam has on local properties and our delicate ecosystem. Beyond this, the dam affects the Monongahela River when it comes to water quality, habitats, fish migration, and flow. Change is long overdue.

Lisa Scherer