Looking for change? Vote

{span}I was intrigued by Gary Stout’s opinion piece in Sunday’s Observer-Reporter{/em} (“The danger is behind the curtain”). Like Stout, I have been concerned with the dangers confronting my country in the last three-plus years. I believed those dangers were three-fold: the leadership of the nation’s senior law enforcement and intelligence agencies fabricating damaging material about an elected president and portraying it as truth; a biased, unprincipled print and electronic media; and an opposition party, bereft of reasonable ideas, doing all it could for three years to unseat the president for whom I gave my vote. But apparently I’ve been mistaken. The real danger to our nation, as Mr. Stout articulates at great length, is crafty, conservative Christians who “seek to do us woe.” Catholics and Protestants alike. Who knew?{/span}

{span}While Stout offers no antidote for countering the danger he sees, I suggest a simple one that will work. Do what you need to do now to ensure you are prepared to VOTE in November. If you think that President Trump and his cabal of Christians are throwing you to the lions, you can help show them the door with your vote. Conversely, you can help send the opposition party packing for another four years. The power to effect change is not hidden behind a curtain – it is in your vote; all you have to do is exercise it.{/span}

{span}Stephen Johnson{/span}