Recently, there were two letters giving kudos for the way Canonsburg had decorated the town and made it so inviting to visit. Everything about it was well-deserved. But I want to give kudos to the gentleman from Canonsburg, Richard Kauffman.

In his Dec. 15 letter, he articulated so well the sequences and steps as a child develops. And there is life in all those movements! And then one has to shudder at the thought of that baby, so full of promise, to be extinguished by who knows what. And this is enlightenment? Shame on us all!

Are we to think that only when that child is in our presence, we will recognize this human, but everything prior to that is guesswork? Since the argument as to when life begins is in debate, should the answer be, since we don't know for certain, then it's OK to kill it if we don't want it?

And Mr. Kauffman's final statements were so powerful, i.e. that this country holds so dear to an unhatched animal egg and that nothing shall harm said egg under threat of prosecution. Shouldn't we allow even more so that same protection over an as-yet unborn human life?

Robert BonAnno