Kicking the can down the road

“Taxation without representation” was a popular slogan of the day that helped found this nation and remove us from British tyranny.

While certainly not the magnitude of our country’s beginnings, the continued refusal by the Pennsylvania Legislature to enact any meaningful property tax reform is surely taxation of the cruelest variety.

Taxpayers are continually promised reform (or elimination) of the burden of onerous property taxes at practically every general election. Legislators are reelected by these promises.

And yet nothing ever happens. Property taxes have been a thorn in every property owner’s side for decades, and if our Harrisburg “representatives” have their way, it will continue in perpetuity.

Or until voters decide they’ve had enough and start removing the elected from office via the ballot box, that sacred instrument designed to make things right!

If these empty promises are not ”taxation without representation,” what are they? It would seem our hired help in Harrisburg must have an inexhaustible supply of excuses and pass cards.

To them, kicking the can down the road must be a political practice that the electorate cannot see.

Bill Brooks