In this hyper-partisan age, Sean Parnell, a Republican congressional candidate in the 17th District, deliberately chose a hashtag that could easily be interpreted to mean he supports violence against his political opponent?

A quick glance through his Twitter feed shows a troubling pattern: Democrats are the bad guys. Republicans are the good guys.

Parnell stood in front of Congressman Conor Lamb’s office recently and said, “I’m in my district earning votes.” This is a blatant lie – he’s not in his district. He’s choosing not to even live in the district.

I’ve been pretty vocal about my disagreements with Lamb on many issues. But, unlike Parnell, Lamb never insinuated that I was a bad person for disagreeing with him. Lamb, to the chagrin of just about everyone across party lines, actually strives to represent the entire district.

It’s clear Parnell is not interested in bipartisanship. He only wants a fight. It’s clear he will be in lockstep with President Trump, whatever the cost to democracy.

Parnell should know that he single-handedly caused this disgruntled activist to throw her full support behind Lamb, because it’s imperative that men like Parnell, who so clearly despise an entire political party that represents half of America, never set foot in the halls of Congress.

Lynne Hughes