Keep Bud Cook

I first met state Rep. Bud Cook several years ago at a legislative luncheon at the Presbyterian Home. I was struck by his genuineness and integrity. He was clearly the newest representative as he spoke last. Even then, he spoke about being “hired.” He was clearly intent on working for the people.

Bud’s idea of service and working for the people has never left him. He still feels privileged to serve the people. He also isn’t short-sighted. He knows that all of Pennsylvania needs to advance and that positive changes must occur throughout the region. Not just in parts of the tri-county area. Not “our friends.” Not our “contributors.”

What would the public think about companies giving thousands, yes thousands of dollars, to sitting elected officials before and after elections who then get Local Share Account grants or other favorable treatments? Why can’t the public know exactly how much money the casinos deliver to Washington County and just who decides and where does the money go? It’s millions of dollars – yes millions. Why don’t the papers investigate and report on it? Ah, yeah, the days of hard-hitting, investigative, objective reporting seem to be gone.

Why would sitting elected officials “endorse” anyone? I feel the same way about those endorsements as I do about the Hollywood endorsements. Nobody cares. Sit down. Keep working. For the people.

I am a woman. I have always been a woman. And I have always found Bud to be a decent, polite, and respectful person. Bud doesn’t play the games of politicians. He doesn’t smile while he stabs you in the back. I don’t live in the 49th District, but it doesn’t matter. Did you know the representatives we elect are supposed to serve all of us? I spent plenty of time in the Mon Valley, so much so that my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses came from there 30 years ago.

Read the campaign finance reports. They are all public information and available for your review. Look who gives money to whom and who gives money to each other. Then ask yourself, who do I want representing me? Someone endorsed by another elected official or the guy I can count on to never stop fighting for me?

The choice is clear: Keep Bud Cook.

Joyce A. Hatfield Wise, Esquire