The “Miss” published in the Oct. 15 Hits & Misses about the “no” to home rule signs is in fact the “Miss.” The decision to put this referendum to establish the Government Study Commission on the ballot was done with zero public interest, only the interest of Commissioners Diana Irey Vaughan and Larry Maggi. Home rule is stated several times right in this confusingly worded ballot question.

As Commissioner Nick Sherman pointed out publicly on several occasions, there are many more important things to be focusing on and using county resources on, such as the opioid epidemic plaguing us. The Government Study Commission’s purpose is to evaluate and decide if moving to an optional form of government (home rule) should be done. This endeavor isn’t a free for all. Chapter 30, Title 53, of Pennsylvania law clearly outlines what optional forms can be chosen. I suggest readers look this up to see for themselves. We do not need to open Pandora’s Box with this commission; it is merely a push to try to remove our newly elected row officers.

The county has already looked at home rule twice and rejected the idea. It wasn’t a good idea then and isn't a good idea now.

Krys Soukup