Has the Republican Party completely surrendered to the outrageous behavior of Donald Trump? The "party of family values" remain silent while his actions continue to embarrass us at home and abroad. As he tells lie after lie and bullies anyone who challenges him by threats and name-calling, Republicans say nothing. Are they so afraid of losing their next election that they are willing to let Trump do whatever he wants? In fact, he claims that Article II of the Constitution gives him the power. Unbelievable! If he would read the Constitution, he would understand that we employ a system of checks and balances to safeguard against abuse of power by any one branch of government. 

I watched with complete shock while my congressman, Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, defended Trump's actions when he asked a foreign government (Ukraine) to investigate an American citizen in order to benefit him in the 2020 election. Sen. Pat Toomey, another Trump sycophant, voted against calling witnesses during the so-called impeachment trial. Has there ever been a trial without witnesses? How can Reschenthaler and Toomey, and the vast majority of Republican members of Congress continue to turn a blind eye to Trump's behavior?

We, the American taxpayers, pay these people $174,000 a year to represent us and defend the Constitution, not to serve as lap dogs for an out-of-control president.

Paul R. Pryor