One of the latest instances in which pure evil has been perpetrated in the name of religion is found in the scathing, horrifying report of a Pennsylvania grand jury, which through painstaking and painful work unmasked the extent of a vast, wide-ranging criminal conspiracy on the part of those in the Catholic Church hierarchy to protect priests who used their positions of trust to molest and permanently scar impressionable young children.

It is tragic that so many perpetrators and those who aided and abetted them will not answer for their crimes either because they are dead or because the statute of limitations has expired.

The people of Pennsylvania are deeply grateful to our honorable Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who spearheaded the crucial investigation which led to the stunning findings.

May God bless and help to heal those whose lives were shattered by those who masqueraded as men of God when they were in fact agents of the devil.

Oren Spiegler

South Strabane Township