Good reads about good things

It was refreshing to wake up with the sun and read the April 27 article in the Observer-Reporter about local schools and organizations getting funding from the state Department of Environmental Protection for environmental cleanup projects. All schools should seek help so that our children and teenagers can become more educated on the importance of a healthy environment. Funding like this can prevent future litterbugs, create future gardeners, bring respect for the environment, and spread love for all living things. Education is what can help move us toward cleaner water, healthier soil, and more-breathable air. And who doesn’t need more time in the sun after a long winter, great gulps of fresh air, intellectual stimulation that comes with learning, and a sense of pride and passion in doing something together?

I might add that on the same day, the Observer Reporter had another article titled, “All hands on deck: Muse Elementary students help a Pittsburgh artist complete gallery work.” It too was a good read, in a world of constant negative news. Art is a form of expression and does in fact elicit a response that moves people. Creativity is so important to brain health! So is being outdoors.

“Our children should be properly introduced to the world in which they live,” wrote cultural historian Thomas Berry in his book, “The Dream of the Earth, 13.” I couldn’t agree more. I hope we see more of the above.

Lisa Scherer