We need a Washington County government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people. All governments need as many checks and balances as they can get to ensure integrity. We need power that is spread out in the hands of many, not few, voted in directly by the people, creating accountability for their decisions and actions at election time. More centralized power and more appointed individuals isn’t going to end well.

As Pennsylvanians we have all seen just how too much power in the hands of one tyrannical individual and their appointed lackeys can be over the past year and a half. Keeping executive power in the hands of an elected team would be safest for us all. We need to retain our elected row officer positions. Many just got into office and have already made tremendous strides turning around the disasters their predecessors left them with, and amid unprecedented COVID-19 times at that. Clerk of Courts Brenda Davis even received accolades from the auditor general based on the turnaround in that office. Think of what they will be able to accomplish in a year without lockdowns, and if they had the support they were in need of from the rest of county government.

I think they deserve the chance to show us, and if the people of Washington County don’t want them back, it will be left in the public’s hands to speak with their votes to replace them, as it should be.

Krys Soukup