I did something special June 1: I visited the mobile memorial of the Korean War at the Greene County Fairgrounds. I am a veteran of the Vietnam era, have been to The Wall and knew the humbling feelings I felt. Now, it was time for me to experience feelings from "The Forgotten War."

The exhibit consisted of 24 statues lined up in a "V" formation, like a sweep formation foot soldiers use. I walked down one side of the formation, stopped, and saluted each statue. I felt I owed that to the representatives of our fallen brothers. I was never at Inchon, Chosin Reservoir, Heartbreak Ridge, or any other battles, but I, in some small way, took away the trials they endured for our country. I call these fallen heroes "Soldiers in the Mist" because their eyes are without sight, and they seem to be walking toward eternity, surrounded by a protective mist.

I talked with several fellow veterans from the Marines, Navy, and Air Force. We all agreed, without hesitation, that we would do it all again.

I walked away after a final salute to these fallen heroes and our flag. To me, now, this will never again be "The Forgotten War."

Joseph Lacko