How is it that new construction of Pennsylvania highways is allowed to happen? Ergo, the Southern Beltway.

Anyone who leaves their driveway periodically knows of the absolutely deplorable condition of our roads firsthand. Why does our great and omnipotent Legislature continue to approve funding for roads that provide little benefit to the taxpayer? Ghosts of the old “Bill and Barry road show” apparently still haunt us.

Their sales pitch to the voter was the economic prosperity it would bring. Anyone ever notice all the economic splendor reaped on little towns like Fredericktown? More empty storefronts there than full ones. Oh, yeah, the "big house" across the river, don’t forget!

I guess little towns on Route 88 weren’t on the “road show’s” beneficiary list as promised. Apparently little rust belt towns weren’t included. But where are the towns that were?

As much as more Harrisburg legislation is hated, “there should be a law” no new roads without bringing existing roads up to 21st century conditions!

Contractors are happy to grease the palms of politicians, whether it be new construction or rehabilitation construction. No matter to them.

We are being swindled out of our tax dollars.

Bill Brooks