I just do not understand President Trump, nor do I understand the people who ignore his words and actions.

Politicians can and do tell "tall tales" and call their political opponents names that would have prompted our parents to whack our butts upon hearing those words leave our mouth. If it was a "once-in-a-while" occurrence perhaps it would be forgivable. But isn't there a time when "enough is enough?"

The latest is the White House acting to have the USS John McCain moved out of sight during the president's recent trip to Japan. The ship wasn't moved, but a tarp was placed over the name so its presence would not irritate the president. This is another in a long list of attacks by this president and the White House against McCain.

McCain was my last commanding officer. He was a good man. He served his country with honor and courage. His confinement in the Hanoi Hilton made him realize that honor and decency are not just words but are standards to live by. What credentials does the president have, past or present, to compare to this American hero, whom the president seems so threatened by, even in death?

Gary Ford