In reference to the last several letters to the editor from Oren Spiegler: attention! Donald Trump isn’t the president anymore! Can you focus your efforts on trying to defend the miserably failing policies of the current president?

The crisis at the border couldn’t be managed any worse, we now have people from 150 countries crossing at the southern border at an unsustainable rate, yet our president and his vice president in charge of the border haven’t taken the time to go there. Another issue is that our economy is now stifled by President Biden’s trillion-dollar spending spree, part of which is paying people to stay home and not return to work. He continues to put forward trillion-dollar ideas with absolutely no idea how it gets paid for and its effect on people who are actually working.

Have you noticed how high the price of gas and food has increased since Biden took office? It’s well past time to end your anti-Trump rhetoric and focus on the current issues our current president isn’t capable of handling.

Brian Day