Enjoy peace of mind

How is it that Washington County is regularly subjected to the opinions of the same fellow who made us the laughingstock of the whole country by announcing that we don’t send our elected officials to Washington to “do the right thing?”

So here is the guy who doesn’t believe that our elected officials should “do the right thing” pontificating on how the world is soon to come to an end because the elected Democrats (who were sent to do the right thing) are in charge.

Dave Ball is apoplectic because the Democrats are preparing to pass HR 1, which is designed to insure the rights of all Americans to vote (Observer-Reporter{/em}, March 28, “The Eve of Destruction). Meanwhile Republican legislators throughout America have introduced dozens of bills that serve no purpose but to disenfranchise the poor and the working class; 15 of those bills are here in Pennsylvania.

Ball is also losing sleep over President Biden’s Cabinet choices. That figures because it is without a doubt the most diverse and qualified Cabinet in history – not a bunch of white male political donors but highly qualified individuals – now there’s a novel idea!

Relax and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our president is a good and decent man who went to D.C. TO DO THE RIGHT THING!

Bracken Burns Sr.