In response to Lindsay Pecosh's June 11 letter: If bluster translated to competence, we would all be wearing red MAGA hats, stomping on the bleachers and chanting, "Lock her up."

Indeed, it is the economy, which is no longer humming for the little guys and probably will see continuous jobs lost. No, Donald Trump did not cause the virus to become a pandemic. He did ignore repeated early alarms; he did permit planes incoming from China after loudly proclaiming a Chinese ban. He lied about our country's preparedness and the sequence of the illness; he contradicted medical experts; and he absolved the federal government of a consistent plan to help the states. Each state solely responsible, as shortages persist, "spikes" continue and may worsen. He is a critic of states' responses.

Which prior presidents did not protect religious freedom? Some of them even attended church, and none used a borrowed Bible and church front as photo props.

The swamp has gotten swampier, increasingly Trump cohorts and appointees are found guilty by the courts. The global stage? He embraces a North Korean despot and values the Putin smile more than U.S. intelligence professionals. Increasingly, respected generals worry and caution. (With no training and no experience, Trump proclaims he knows more than the generals.) One of his touted trade deals found the country needing to subsidize Iowa farmers. On the world stage, allies Canada, Britain, et al, disdain his presence and bluster. UN members are unimpressed. 

This man of promises and potential has become more undisciplined and unpredictable. Is authenticity arrogance? What next? As outrages mount, is he is becoming too dangerous? Vanity is not dangerous; distorted thinking is.

Finally, education, or the lack thereof, does not guarantee wisdom, which is the ability to recognize truth.

Dorothy Acciai