Anyone who is going about their daily life and not following social distancing should not go to the hospital and put my loved ones at risk. It’s not the job of my husband, or my brother, or my best friend to cure stupidity. Don’t go to the hospital and infect my loved ones who are immunocompromised and fighting to stay well. If you or anyone around you gets sick, you can talk about the fake news hoax with your family at home as you infect and kill off people in your own household. 

Everyone else, remember to vote in November and remember that the president suggested that he may relax social distancing requirements in the worst possible week of this pandemic so he can boost businesses. You can’t make money if you’re dead. Also remember that he downplayed this in January, calling it a hoax and giving birth to even more ignorance.

So if your loved ones are now dying, then remember your vote does impact your lives. It’s more than his racism toward everyone else (not your problem, as you say). But it’s about the sheer stupidity that will now cause people their lives.

Sunila Fadl