Consideration for Vietnam vets appreciated

While shopping at Giant Eagle recently in Washington, I was standing in a checkout line and began a conversation with a lady in front of me.

Prompted by the “Vietnam veteran” hat that I was wearing, she informed me that her father and other relatives had served their country in the military. As she was checking out, she informed the cashier that she wanted to pay for my groceries. I respectfully declined, and upon further reflection, I hope that she will read this letter and know just how much that offer meant to me. I did not have a chance to tell her because she was gone by the time I was through the line.

People have not always been respectful of Vietnam vets, but as of late there has been a marked change and I, for one, appreciate the change and kindness shown to me. The lady that I am referring to in this letter gave me the impression that she has always been kind and considerate, and I hope that she is not offended that I declined her offer.

There are many things wrong in the world today, but many people are still kind, caring, and considerate.

Paul Smutney