Conservatives are not heartless

So anyone who knows me knows I am a bleeding heart. I’m just not a bleeding heart liberal. I want everyone in this country to be able to pursue his or her dreams, whatever they may be. I simply believe by watching the government operate that government isn’t the way to accomplish what we all want. An economy that lifts people out of poverty and provides opportunity. The reason college is so expensive is because of government intervention and funding. When they start throwing money around to pay for things the cost rises. If government stayed out of it, it would be affordable for everyone who wanted it. It’s economics 101. Everything government does or is involved in becomes more expensive and less effective.

I’m writing this because I am tired of people trying to paint conservatives as racist and heartless. We are not. We just see a better, proven way to get there, and it’s not the far left socialist policies the left is pushing.

Amy Boyd