A Sept. 15 editorial appeared to incorrectly state the contribution of various energy sources to power the U.S. electrical grid. For the year 2018 fossil fuels provided 64% of our electrical generation, with natural gas, 35%, coal, 27% and various petroleum products and other gases, 2%. Nuclear power reported a 19% contribution and hydropower, 7%. These energy sources provide 90% of the energy to power this country.

The remaining 10% of the energy comes from two primary sources, wind and solar. Wind accounted for 6.6% and solar, 1.6%. Since these energy sources are the function of available wind and sunlight they must have a backup provided by the sources stated above. Both wind and solar are subsidized by the American taxpayer.

Given an even footing by the free market, coal would have a bigger role to play in U.S. power generation. Given coal's abundance in the U.S. and cheap cost it will continue to provide reliable and affordable energy for the foreseeable future, not only in the U.S. but throughout the world.

Larry Mayton