"Trump's lawyers take the stand," reads a headline on the Trump impeachment.

Lawyers do not "take the stand." Witnesses do, and that's a crux of this trial: whether witnesses, evidence and documents will be admitted in testimony.

Republicans certainly hope not, and Sen. Pat Toomey has repeatedly voted against such input.

But the information is going to come out, one way or another, sooner or later. The Republicans can with attempt to whitewash this impeachment with a truncated trial, or they can perform the duty for which they have individually sworn oaths: to act impartially.

"Pay me now, or pay me later."

The Republicans are pretending that this impeachment is "an attempt to overturn the election," but, oddly, they didn't mention that in the impeachment of Bill Clinton: They held it, had witnesses, evidence, and an actual TRIAL.

History will not smile on these Republicans, and I'm not smiling at them now. They should have a real trial. Witnesses, documents, evidence, and all.

Just like they did with Clinton.

Carole McIntyre